7 YouTube Videos that your Preschooler Loves

My 3-year old has discovered YouTube. And she’s mesmerized. There are some videos that suck her in so completely that neither ice cream sandwich nor playing in the sprinkler can snap her out of it. When you’re looking for something engaging for your kiddo that might also give you 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen (or, hey, read a book!), try some of these colorful and sing-songy videos.

Finger Family

We recently returned from a beach trip with my entire family; 5 kids, 7 adults. By the end of the week every single member of our party was singing “Finger Family”. My strong-but-silent father, my 9-year old nephew, I even caught my sister-in-law changing the words to make the song beach-relevant, “Sandy beach, sandy beach, where are you?”

Wheels on the Bus

This is the video that started it all at my house. Over 700 Million views, and I can see why! Kids love this one, and it’s an hour’s worth of cute, animated nursery rhymes by LittleBabyBum ®. I can put it on if I need her to be still and quiet for a moment, and still feel like she’s engaged and learning.


Did you forget about the Teletubbies? I sure did. The same Teletubbies that took the world by storm in the late 90's have their own YouTube channel, and Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po are still enchanting little ones today.

Color Song by Busy Beavers

It may have simple graphics and words, but this color song undoubtedly gets to the point of teaching colors to little ones. “Orange, orange, the juice is orange…”

Play Doh Sparkle Princesses

I’ll be honest, I seriously don’t get this one. It’s a woman making dresses for Disney Princess dolls out of Play Doh. For whatever reason, it is extremely engrossing for preschoolers, and my daughter is fascinated to see the creations she dreams up. With over 300 million views, she is obviously not the only one enchanted by the Play Doh Princesses.

Masha and the Bear

This is an adorable Russian cartoon about a little girl named Masha and her friendly bear sidekick. I’ll go ahead and point out that the language is Russian, although there’s very little talking, and there are beautiful graphics and cute woodland creatures. My daughter belly-laughs at their antics, and I love that she’s getting some exposure to another language.

Peppa Pig

Funny little British pigs, complete with accents and simple problem solving. The animation is clean and simple, as are the story lines, and my daughter loves to puzzle right along with “her pigs”.

These are the videos topping the YouTube charts at my house, what about yours? Any I should add to the playlist?