8 Inspirations for Your Tech-Savvy Daughter

Do you have a little scientist in your house? A tiny tech guru? It’s inspiring to see girls crushing it in the STEM fields, so if your daughter has those tendencies, here are some great ways to encourage her to keep exploring.

Jewelbots: Friendship Bracelets that Teach Girls to Code
This is a new type of jewelry for girls that is programmable to communicate with friends and receive messages. They work using bluetooth, and girls can set their bracelets up to alert them (through different patterns of flashes) when friends are nearby, when someone likes their photo on Instagram, or when they get a text message. They can fly a drone, receive secret messages, and get weather updates all through the cute bracelet. The bracelets are available in a variety of colors and will encourage your little coder to push her limits.

You may remember when Goldieblox made a storm of a debut by setting their first ad to a famous Beastie Boys tune. Since then they have grown to offer a variety of products for girls who love to build. Rockets, zip lines, dunk tanks, and even shirts with the catchphrase ‘more than just a princess’. These toys will keep girls’ wheels turning.

Girl Scout Inventors

These five and six year old Girl Scout inventors are charming in their seriousness of innovating. Not only do they speak ever-so-eloquently when asked about their early prototypes, but they are brave and thoughtful when speaking with the leader of the free world, questioning his own brainstorming strategy.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a national nonprofit with the mission to inspire more girls to stay involved with Computer Science, thus closing the gender gap in the industry. Research has shown that 74% of middle school girls have an interest in STEM fields, but when it’s time to choose a major in college, only 0.4% will choose CS. Girls Who Code is trying to change that, and to inspire and instill confidence in girls so that they can grow to succeed in a male-dominated industry. They offer clubs, events, and summer programs for girls.

Women Scientist Posters
Tired of looking at Taylor Swift and One Direction on her wall? Check out these posters for her bedroom featuring women rockstars from history. Jane Goodall, Anne Frank, and Marie Curie, all designed in an artful way, are available to adorn her walls and keep her reaching for those goals.

Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World
This is a great read for everyone, but especially young ladies who love science. Featuring a series of strong female role models, this read will spark the girl power motivation in all young girls. Great for boys too; the women featured are inspirational and empowering.

Yellow Scope: A Different Kind of Science Kit

Yellow Scope is a company that was started by moms who were concerned that all of the science kits in the toy aisle were being marketed to boys. They created a product, specifically for girls, that allows them to approach science in a creative and open-ended way. Their goal is to build girls’ confidence in their abilities, and they have created a great range of products to choose from.

Project Mc²
Netflix is creating a tween series set to come out on August 7th about spy girls who use their STEM skills to save the day. The series features super smart girls that are also very clever and cool in their abilities. The goal of this fun new show is to inspire more girls to become interested in these fields; well done Netflix!

If your daughter loves coding, kills it at calculus, or wants to be a biologist, try some of these cool products, videos, and organizations to inspire her. Keep that fire blazing; girls see these fields in a new and different light and will do great things for advancing them as long as we keep them empowered and inspired.