A Visit to Taiwan: Torch in Production

Our product team just visited Taiwan for the last time before the Torch routers begin shipping!

There is so much detail and dedication going into creating each element of the Torch WiFi Routers, and we're so excited to share the process with you.

Our manufacturing partner is Emplus Technologies, one of the largest networking product ODMs in the world. The level of precision and care they infuse into each step of manufacturing is quite remarkable. The trip gave us the opportunity to inspect every element of the production process; from the building of the circuit boards through the packaging of each router.

Here's how Torch is built:

First it's all about the circuit boards! Torch contains two circuit boards. Circuit board A contains all the elements required to make the router function. Circuit board B sits above circuit board A on a riser, and supports the LED functionality.

Circuit Board A:

Circuit Board B:

The boards are created using Surface Mount Technology (SMT) to get all the components properly adhered to the boards. Once the elements are adhered, the boards then go through soldering processes: re-flow soldering and DIP soldering.

Circuit board A in wave soldering machine:

Circuit board A coming out of the wave soldering machine:

Then it's time for the RF calibration of the boards. This keeps radio standards as consistent as possible.

802.11 AC Radios:

Board radio calibration:

Every part of the router has its own barcode and is scanned and tracked from inception at the warehouse, to packaging in a final product and delivery at the customers house. This way if something goes wrong down the road, they’re able to track down exactly when in the process there was an error. Talk about thorough!

Then it's time for the routers to be built! All of the components come together as the boards are secured in the housing.

A view of the production line:

Routers being built:

Completed Torch Router:

But we're not finished yet! Then comes quality assurance. Every element is checked by machine, human eye, and even X-rayed. The routers undergo over 15 different tests in the quality assurance lab.

WiFi throughput testing to make sure it’s up to our speed standards:

And once the routers have passed all of the extensive quality assurance measures, they are packaged.

Packaging Ethernet cables:

Putting everything in the box:

All packaged and ready to rock:

And that is how you build a router! We are so excited after our visit and can't wait to begin getting them to customers at the end of this month.

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