How do you teach good internet habits?

Other than moving to a farm, cutting off the TV, raising your own livestock, homeschooling, and killing your kids’ chances for normal social assimilation, is there some final way to destroy the screen time Omnidroid? Some parents say they just sweep up all the devices and “put them away” and that’s that. Some parents say just kick ‘em outside and let ‘em play with sticks like the good ol’ days. Ah, yes, good ol’ 1978 when a kid could just be a kid, free from those nasty helicopter parents forcing them to drink almond milk, kids free and roaming the streets the way it was meant to be. Some parents are just better than the rest of us — or they’d like (us) to think so.

Torch gives parents what they really need: the cold, hard facts that come from establishing good internet habits. Not only where they’ve been, but how long, and what screen time was quality and what wasn’t.

The truth is, there are ALL kinds of screen time. We are only in the early stages of understanding them. Are we killing zombies or learning world geography?

Torch categorizes websites, blocks, and filters. Torch gives you the information. Torch is easy. Have a question, need some guidance? We’re here for you.