How Torch Pauses the Internet

"It's time for bed, turn off the iPad."
"I said turn it off..."
"No devices at the table!"

If you're a parent today, you know that getting kids off the internet can be a challenge. You want them to understand technology, but you also want to make sure that they have balance.

That they get enough sleep and aren't sneaking on Facebook after lights out.

That the dinner table is a place for connection, and not the WiFi kind.

That you don't have to ask 12 times for them to put down a device and do their chores or play outside or read an actual book.

We thought it was crazy that the internet didn't come with a built-in pause button. And so we decided to create one.

Here's how it works:

When you set up your Torch WiFi Router you create a profile for each child and then specify which devices belong in that child's profile. You then set a customizable bedtime for each child, where the internet access will shut off every night. There is also a pause button right in the dashboard, that you can use for an individual child, or for all at once.

When you click pause or when bedtime rolls around, Torch will prevent that device from accessing the internet, and instead show kids the pause screen.

Torch pauses the internet by analyzing every request from every device, and checking to see if that data can be allowed through or not. If the internet is paused, torch simply prevents the data from leaving your network, and thus prevents the device from connecting.

Take back control of your internet, and keep the screen-free times actually screen-free.

To see more about the Parental Superpowers you'll get with your Torch WiFi Router, visit our features page here.

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