Turn unfiltered internet into kid safe internet

With recent reports that 10% of 12–13 year-olds fear they’re addicted to pornography, and that 20% of 14–17 year-olds have tried e-cigarettes, and that kids’ screen consumption has doubled since 1995, the question is being increasingly asked in one form or another: Do we live in a dark age for parenting?

Make the internet safe for your kids. Make screen time work for you and your kids. With Torch, an unfiltered internet becomes a kid safe internet. Our filters make the internet safer, but they also create good internet habits.

Yes, video games are fun, but not all games require brain study to understand their capacity for addiction. Jane Buckingham, on a 60 Minutes segment on “Echo Boomers,” calls the video game obsession “visual motor ecstasy” and suggests it has something to do with the need for immediate gratification.

At the same time, we are living in a revolutionary time. While there is plenty of need to filter porn websites, and categorize good websites from bad, there is so much we can discover and learn from the devices surrounding us. Schools may be killing our kids’ creativity, but the opportunities through the intelligent use of internet habits and filtering can lead to unprecedented development.

Jane McGonigal’s Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World argues that games are as much technological as psychological. Electronic games are not merely another entertainment medium, or even an art form. They are potent engines for creating and enhancing emotional experience: for making our lives better, especially if we can connect the dots to playing games that engage in real world problems.

Like many current ideas keeping up with dynamic opportunities and dramatic changes in technology and our tapestry of interconnections, Jane McGonigal’s ideas connect to creativity in education, empowering students to dare and become more creative, and the power of fun and play, as models for substantive change, deep learning, and innovative ideas.

That’s really what we’re all about.