Your Internet Isn't Good Enough For Your Kids. Or Your Sanity.

Your Internet Isn't Good Enough For Your Kids. Or Your Sanity.

So you have internet access, high speed I’m sure. Your router sits placidly on the bookshelf in the office; a foreign plastic object that you do your best not to interact with. Your kids play Minecraft, they search Wikipedia, they chat with their friends. You go through the nightly battle of ‘5 more minutes’ and ‘no seriously, it’s time for dinner, turn off the game.’ Sometimes it cuts out, and you unplug it and plug it back in, hoping to all that is good in the world that will do the trick and you won’t have to actually pick up the phone and call your internet service provider. That’s 45 excruciating minutes of your life you’d never get back. It’s all just fine. This is how everyone deals with their internet, right?

It doesn’t have to be.

We’re parents too. Real, everyday parents. We get the struggles. It’s hard to engage with your kids when you have no idea what they’re doing online, and who has time to figure all that out? It’s hard to set time limits (for them and yourself, let’s be honest).

We also see the possibilities. Technology offers unlimited opportunities for the little ones we’re raising to create, learn, and innovate. Their futures will be molded by the technology around them, and they need to be digitally fluent to flourish in this techie world. And all of these amazing possibilities and frustrating black holes are just floating out there together, with no control or direction whatsoever.

We decided to do something about it.

We created a router that’s first and foremost, super simple and intuitive. No long instruction manuals, no frustrating random cords and cries for help from your living room floor. It allows you to harness the endless possibilities of the tech world for your kids, fostering creativity and balance.

You can pause the internet with two taps on your phone.

You have clear insight into what your kids are up to online and how much time they’re spending there.

You can set bedtimes for each kid (and they are profile-specific).

You can block out anything you don’t want them stumbling upon online.

And it’s pretty, too.

But more importantly, we know that harnessing technology is more than parental controls and oversight. Those are helpful, absolutely. But to truly give a hand to digital parents we needed to take it a step further.

Next we developed what we call our Tech Concierge program. we have techie, friendly folks on the ready to help Torch customers with anything tech-related. Your Netflix is frozen? Don’t know how to get photos off your iPhone? We got you, boo.

Want us to talk to your Internet Service Provider? Order you a pizza? We can do that too. All through a quick phone call or a chat on our website.

We are also building a community, our Torch Tribe. In growing that community we are creating articles and videos to help parents get a grasp on technology. Cool features on your tablet, techie gifts for your Minecraft-lover, what IS Snapchat in under a minute, and the real scoop on how much screen time is too much. We want to help guide parents in this new parenting frontier, and we understand that you don’t have hours every week to dig up the information you need. We’ll scour for you, and then give you the information you need so it’s easy to swallow.

Everything is changing pretty rapidly out there, and we have to adapt too. Let’s get in there! If we shut out the new worlds our kids are exploring, we are losing an opportunity to connect with them. We want to give them a safe place to explore, and we definitely want to offer them some freedom to see where their interests take them.

The goal, after all, is to connect with our kids. In all their silly, quirky, messy glory.

Digital parenting just got easier.

Get your Torch today, and join our Tribe.